Is the real meaning of “good governance” economic growth exclusively ?

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The year 2013 ignited a fierce discussion in Britain. Margaret Thatcher, the famous Iron Lady, passed away on October the 13th that year, an event that was followed by mixed feelings among the general population.

Few politicians around the world have been as divisive as Maggie, a particular phenomenon that can be explained by strong free-market policies driven by her administration. Thatcher is commonly celebrated on the media as the leader that led Britain through an abrupt transformation during her more than ten years in government.

Nowadays, she’s widely remembered worldwide as the mind behind the rise of neoliberalism, an…

Why does society idolaters certain individuals above others?

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When asked which kind of individual shall be celebrated by society, what would be the correct answer? A second question comes to mind when a response is attempted to be given to the first one. Why does society celebrate the life of certain persons above others?

Nowadays the response to the first question is pretty simple indeed, musician, actors, supermodels, even internet content creators. All often are commonly know for the fame they possess as public figures. Some look up to them as models, others strongly criticise various aspects of their doing. …

How does this controversial celebrity sheds light on the uniqueness of the Human race?

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Much has been said about the sudden death of one of the most famous sports personalities of the past century. Diego Armando Maradona left a deep mark in the world of soccer, the Argentinian star is considered by many as soccer’s greatest player ever to have stepped on a stadium.

At the age of only 60, Diego suffered a devastating heart attack, during the time when he was recovering from a brain surgery he had undergone the previous week. In the following days, millions of fans mourned the passing away of his idol worldwide. …

How I skied in the tropics even though I wasn’t supposed to.

Ecuadorean ski queens | Photo by the author

January 2019, as the new year started, I found myself on a new travel adventure. I would spend three months backpacking around Europe through several countries and my schedule was simple: There was no schedule.

The main axis was to visit and spend time with my friends living in the old continent, depending on who was able or keen to meet me again, I’d go building up my itinerary on the road. Although, there was a golden goal that I had to accomplish by all possible means. I had to go skiing.

At that time, skiing was something completely new…

A dirty past: Slavery Statues and Auschwitz

photo taken by autho
photo taken by autho
taken by author

Lately, the Black Lives Matter movement has revived the debate around some specific statues erected in many cities all over the world. Statues exalting past figures that reached fame due to ways that nowadays would cause general outrage among the population. Indeed they are doing it right now. Finally.

These statues portray people that made fortunes in infamous ways, like former slave traders who profited enormously on behalf of condemning fellow humans to a life of eternal grievances. In the English city of Bristol, an angry mob toppled down the statue of Edward Colston — a wealthy slave trader of…

A peculiar inquiry

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Some pre-socratic philosophers believed Dust to be the non-human vessel of the soul. The eternity of the essence of the human being would flow route-less guided by the flowing forces of the Universe or Aether. The relationship between body and soul have often been the centre of fierce philosophical debates; is there a division between both objects, or are we talking about a single issue?

Reality is the question hasn’t been given a definitive answer in more than 2 thousands years, neither will I try to do it.

However, I’d like to come up with a peculiar inquiry.

If it…

How travelling may change your life

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Visiting a new country is an invaluable enriching experience. By getting off the plane, something is suddenly so different and similar at the same time. It may happen unintelligible words are heard by walking through the airport on your way out, or maybe the physiognomy of the people around is different from the one you are used to at home. Now you’re in a new country.

It is normal to feel anxiety and uncertainty at the beginning, great courage is needed to decide to leave home and embark on a new journey. …

Overcoming the “world’s biggest threat”

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It is commonly said that a language contains the seed or DNA of culture. Nowadays our planet is home to approximately 8 billion people making it an incredibly diverse place where different cultures have prospered throughout thousands of years. Alongside, languages have certainly not stayed behind. They have gotten in contact with one another and ended up producing new dialects, as I speak we know of the existence of 6 500 different languages.

Having so many options to choose from, a simple question pops up. Why Arabic?

I was born in a small country in South America whose name I…

I realised my life taught me a slightly broader definition of Nostalgia than the dictionary

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The human being is by nature destined to relate himself with his peers. Philosophers say that is indeed the very essence of our lives, we are born in a family, grew up in a society and rest in a cemetery. Companionship is inherent to our nature.

During our lifetime, getting into new and briskly experiences is something very few people are not acquainted with, dreams of past events often keep our hearts warm with memories of happiness, friendship and illusion. Lessons from our past are the guides to who we are now, experience act as a mentor that we get…

Matias Almeida Garzon

Historian. Traveler and polyglot. I like to inquire about Humans. Words are simple things, the magic comes depending the order of them.

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